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Sunday, August 24, 2014

High Heels For Adult Males

There are many of our physical appearances which can be altered by our lifestyles and plastic surgery. General physique, such as body fat and muscle, can be improved by exercise and a healthy diet. Complexion is also affected by one’s diet and a good balance of daylight and sleep. And what we can’t change by our own hard work can often be modified under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon. However, there’s one physical appearance characteristic which is very difficult, if not impossible, to change. Our genes and DNA nearly always dictate how tall we grow, and our height can affect so many other things in our lives.
Other than travelling by passenger plane or in a small car, or other confined space, being tall is generally more convenient than being short. Why is this so? Tall people get noticed more easily, and more often than not command more respect from their peers. This does not mean that short people are inadequate, but they often have to try harder to be noticed, listened to or succeed. There are some very famous men in the world who are or were vertically challenged, and these include Hollywood actors as well as military and political leaders and musical composers. Michael J. Fox (1m 63cm), Woody Allen (1m 65cm), and Dustin Hoffman (1m 67cm) are all household names from the movie screen, and Napoleon Bonaparte (1m 68cm) was the Emperor of The French in the early nineteenth century. Ludwig van Beethoven was even shorter than all of them.
Females can easily increase their perceived height to either look more attractive or gain some respect (often both) by wearing a pair of high-heel shoes or boots. These can be in a variety of colours and designs, and women’s fashion is most often led by footwear, especially items with heels as high as 6” or more. However, when men want to feel or look taller than they were created, things are quite different. For a man to openly wear a pair of height-increasing footwear is regarded as quite odd. In fact, instead of earning him more respect, it is likely to have the opposite effect. All is not lost though. There are lots of options of men’s high heels, including concealed high heels in shoes and boots. Men of all walks of life (no pun intended) can now confidently wear a pair of shoes or boots which increase his height without drawing unwanted or unnecessary attention. Shopping for such items online is also very common, due to the sensitive nature of the situation for some customers.

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