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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Purchasing High heels Online from Surry Hills

Some of the most famous men in the world are, or were, a little short. Napoleon Bonaparte and Tom Cruise are just a couple of examples. Luckily for those two, power and popularity give/gave them confidence to get on with their lives. Unfortunately, many thousands of men today suffer either physically and socially or psychologically due to their height, or lack of it. Small Man Syndrome is not a scientific term, but it is certainly real and evident for many short men who feel that they need to make up for their height in other ways. A far more realistic answer, however, is to wear shoes with highheels. Contrary to many people’s conception that high heels are only sold for and worn by ladies, there is a big market for men, too. Take, for example, such a cosmopolitan and tolerant city as Sydney in Australia. 

There, there is plenty of freedom for the people to openly express their sexuality or dress sense without fear of ridicule. For men wishing to buy high heels Surry Hills has several retail outlets offering excellently concealed inner-heels in shoes and boots of all sizes. No doubt transvestites can also find something ladylike in their size, but that is an issue for another day.

High heels for men are nothing to be ashamed of, but like many such items, it is not easy for a man to walk into an ordinary shoe shop asking for such items. Although it is nothing to be embarrassed about, many men would feel shy, inadequate or self-conscious. Because of this, many of them do their research on the internet in the hope of buying high heels online. Due to the international nature of internet shopping, it is possible to purchase products from the other side of the world and have them delivered to one’s door within days. Therefore, one can easily browse the world’s best retailers, rather than just those which are near to home and convenient to visit. As mentioned before, for a great selection of high heels Surry Hills in Sydney has shops with knowledgeable staff, wide selections of high-quality shoes and boots and access to all kinds of shipping options. Of course, in other cities and countries there are suppliers, too.

It is now possible for men of lesser stature to feel confident among their peers. They can use that confidence to go about their work and social lives using their skills to enjoy life without feeling different.

Friday, November 25, 2011

High Heel Shoes

Most typical males like to spend their time and money on sport and alcohol, whereas the majority of ladies among us in the modern world can never seem to get enough of two things; bags and shoes. Married men will never understand how their wives can collect so many similar-looking shoes, when they only have two feet, but that is just the way the different genders are. The ladies like to look good, and that often involves appearing taller or more sexy. Both of these can be achieved by wearing high heel shoes, which are known by many different names and worn for several different reasons.


Firstly, and probably most commonly, ladies wear heel high shoes to improve their confidence through looks. Of the many different kinds on the market, pleaser shoes and bordello shoes are currently among worldwide market leaders for the sexiest of shoes, some of which are worn to dinner, social events or even sexy performances. In fact, there is a fast-growing market for pole dancing shoes and even pole dancing lessons!


Getting back to the topic of high heel shoes, there is some debate as to when they were officially invented. This is because there is evidence of their use from as far back as ancient Egyptian times. However, in modern times, they probably started their rise to fame in the early to mid-sixteenth century and have grown in popularity ever since. The likes of Marylyn Monroe and then Madonna in the 20th century and Lady Gaga in recent years has maintained the market for sexy-looking footwear to heighten one’s appearance.

For those wanting to look shockingly different high high high heels are available, but absolutely impractical to wear. Most ladies opt for items which look great but can actually be walked in. 


Where to buy them is another thing to consider. Being so tangible, and women often being so fickle, means that there will always be business for a real-world shoe shop. However, with the advent and massive growth of internet shopping, many ladies spend huge amounts of time and money searching for cheap shoes online even if they don’t actually purchase that many pairs. Common search phrases are heels online and cheap shoes online although more specific searches, such as pleaser shoes bordello shoes and silver heels will produce more specific results.

One thing that will remain for the foreseeable future is the demand for ladies shoes, especially those which really improve their appearance. Shopping online is growing faster than many would realize but there will always be a place for the High Street shoe shop.